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700/500 LED Series

The characteristics of the 700/500 led as follows:

1. The illumination: 700 led: 140,000 Lux; 500 led: 120000 Lux

2. Balance arm use Ondal brand arm, it's durable

3. All use Germany Osram bulb, lamp life for more than 10 years

4. lamp head shell using aluminum alloy material, good heat dissipation performance.

5. Optional color temperature, there are three color temperature section, respectively is 3800 k, 4400 k, 5000 k. color temperature can be adjusted. First, the color temperature adjustable benefits is to reduce the doctor eyes visual fatigue. Second, according to the different color of skin, choose the right color temperature.

6. Good color index, generally can reach more than 95Ra.

7. Endoscopic mode

8. Long service life: Halogen generally is 1000 hours, the LED is the (Osram) more than 50000 hours.

9. Energy saving: (low input power, double head only 140 w, single head only 70 w).Energy is low.

10. Single disc type design, concise and beautiful and easy to clean, good air convection, extension, with circular arc handle is convenient to adjust position of lamp holder.

11. Each lamp plate with 12 led lights, led lamp bead, 72 500 700 108 led lamp ZhuDeng bead the shadowless lamp without shadow degrees is best..

12. The shell all aluminum alloy, heat dissipation effect is good, for the life of LED bulbs

13. 2000 shape balance arm, beautiful and bearing is larger than 77 round shape.

14. There are multiple durable disinfection handle, one-click insertion and extraction

15. the size of light field adjustable, handle rotating way, manual focusing, reduce electromagnetic interference.

16. The lamp holder rotating 360 degree level.

17. That move light panel use the touch-tone, service life is long. it won't produce two lamp holder rotating touch together to make touch control panel crack.

18. The size of light field is big, so the operation scope is wide.

New Product Release

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