BFP-10 feeding pumps specifications

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument
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This product is used to provide additional power while feeding enteral nutrition to human,can control the feed, ensure the orientation of enteral nutrition in the infusion tube and feeding tube at a fixed speed flows into the body of the stomach or intestines ,beneficial patients’ absorption and utilization with enteral nutrition.

●Microcomputer control, accurate and reliable.

●Friendly interactive interface , progressive guidance for procedures and operations.

●Automatic alarm , safe and reliable

●Tubing can quickly connect with bottled or bagged sets.

●Immediate memory function to ensure the infusion dose, individualized speed and accuracy.

●A variety of sensor technology that can detect the state of the upstream and downstream flows.

●Automatic perfusion function.

●AC and DC power supply

●Handle and sucker design ,easy to carry and fixed

●liquid nutrients pre-heating(for option)


2.1 Flow speed

2.1.1 Set range

1-400ml/hr Incremental:1ml/hr

2.1.2 flow speed accuracy

10% of the selected flow rate or 0.5ml / hr, whichever is greater for sure

2.2 Infusion of the total range 1-3000ml

every time 1-1000ml

Count 1-99 times

Interval 1-20 hours

Rinse 10-50ml

Interval 1-25 hours

BFP-10 feeding pumps specifications

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