Upgrades sedentary lifestyle

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Massage tight muscles in the office

Seated long time a day is a common office lifestyle, although we usually walk or stand occasionally, it is not good far enough for our health and may put your health at a certain risk. Sedentary behavior can make you fat, even worse also responsible for skin problems, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease etc.

Don't worry, we offer your massage request with a certified massage gun in your office, it is may be your best method of relax from a sedentary position. iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020A which would help to relax sore muscles. Incredibly easy use with 4 mode settings, meet your different demands of massage speeds, maximum up to 3200rpm, 12mm amplitude can approach deep tissues. 10 minutes enjoyment, keeps stiffness away!

Read more: https://youtu.be/MEf2hvTtMzU

Upgrades sedentary lifestyle

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