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Hot Selling Deep Tissue Massage Devices

Three XFT Massagers for Home Therapy in 2020

Today's fast-paced daily life makes many people physically and mentally exhausted, in order to relieve muscle sorenss and stress, except fitness exercises, massage plays a very positive role in releasing myofacial and reducing muscle tensions, to maintain good health as well provide great energy to deal with challenges. Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat sports injury prevention and injury treatment. By manipulating muscle tissues in the body to relaxes fascia and tense muscles, nowadays you can massage at home through 3 deep tissue massagers as following.

Before the massage gun came out, there had been a lot of muscle relaxing equipments like foam shaft and fascia ball. But these relaxation devices need to control the strength by people own. So most people may feel that foam shaft or fascia ball can not release the muscles properly. The latest iEase percussive massager XFT-2020A is an innovative muscle recovery and pain therapy tool. Specially delivers real-time pressure feedback allowing your body to release and recover faster than ever.

By continuous vibrations to provide benefits for health, iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2002A adopts high-speed brushless balancing motor with dynamic balance quiet technology which only produce 45dB throughout your massage process, relaxes fascia and tense muscles through powerful vibration stimulation, accelerates blood circulation and quickly reduces lactic acid produced after exercise, largely shortens the recovery time of muscles, elevating the massage experience, and ensure your therapeutic recovery sessions are more precise.

Designed by professional, made for everybody, the brand new lEase percussive massager XFT-2020A is bringing to market a high quality and affordable price. 4 speed levels can be selected, from 1200, 1800, 2400 strokes per minute to max. 3200rpm, you can choose the lower speed to warm-up and increase speeds to strike large sore muscle groups. A 24V Built-in battery for 7 hours of battery life, meets the long time daily needs, charging is simply plug in your device with the included DC power supply. And this kit comes with a portable carry-case and 4 replaceable massage attachments. Click to know more details: .

The second massage tool XFT-320 is expertly-designed to provide an enjoyable relaxing massage while you are at home, in office or on a trip. Adopts digital control system, based on the physiotherapy of low frequency waves to generate very rhythmical and smooth stimulating massage effects. It allows users to select 7 different types of speed modes to choose the most suitable massage strength.

You stiff muscles will get a lot of benefits as the following:

1. Relieve the pain in shoulders, back, waist and other parts of your body.

2. Soothe anaesthetization and reduce fatigue faster than ever.

3. Beautify your skin, restore the flexibility of skin as well as improve blood circulation.

4. Exercise the muscles flexibility, relieve muscle pain and increase fiber contraction.

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GOLD-HAND XFT-502 is the another cutting-edge scientific outcome following the emergence. The product is mainly based on the principle prevailing in traditional Chinese medicine. 3 functions selectable, you can choose the favorite mode to massage muscles. Also, it can help improve blood circulation, smoothen channel and collaterals meridian and bring a relaxation.

By high-energy pulse current transmits in body fluid through the body, which causes an increase in the content a morphia-like substance in serum and thus brings an alleviation to pains. Meanwhile, high-energy pulse current causes a direct stimulus to nerve muscle, causing a contracted muscle and an exercise effect, which makes the product an ideal selection for fatigue alleviation and repair and elimination of damaged nerve and paralysis. If you want to know more details, please conatct us right now without any hesitation! Learn more about:

Deep tissue massage is a suitable treatment for people who engage in sports activities, such as basketball, or those who have an chronic pain or injury. If you have the same trouble, please let us know and we will provide the rehabilitation medical devices and solutions!


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