New Arrivals -- sEMG Biofeedback FES Series

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XFT-2003D+, XFT-2003DP, XFT-2003DT

A number of new products hit in an all-round way, and the XFT sEMG Biofeedback FES Series made a awesome debut. With the sEMG Biofeedback FES Series of new products-the XFT-2003D+, XFT-2003DP and XFT-2003DT. These 3 products are especially designed for the recovery and rehabilitation of extremity motor function in paralyzed patients with central nervous system injuries such as stroke. By detecting the weak active EMG signal of paralytic in real time, simultaneously sending appropriate electrical pulse according to the strength of the EMG signal to make active muscular contraction, for the purpose of recovery and rehabilitation of extremity motor function, and prevention of atrophy. It can also connect with the iPad App to play various games that help to get a joyful therapy course and enhance patient's confidence.

XFT-2003D+ is an EMG biofeedback FES physiotherapy device for patients who with upper and lower limb dysfunction due to stroke. XFT-2003DP concentrates on female pelvic floor muscle training, it can help female safely and effectively regain stronger pelvic floor muscles. And XFT-2003DT utilizes Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation(NMES) to offer a more precise and effective swallowing therapeutics.

Product Highlights:

•Collecting and processing technology of EMG signal.

•Latest technology of delivering FES based on the detected EMG signal.

•Interactive games in APP based on iPad.

•Multiple modes of rehab training in the APP based on iPad.

•Dual channel design with big LCD touch screen.

The advent of new sEMG Biofeedback FES product is another attempt on the road of innovation and evolution of the XFT in the past 20 years. For the excellent product design and cutting-edge technology create productivity tools for patients to a better experience of rehabilitation. As a rehabiliation professional, let patients use professional rehabilitation devices at home is our mission.

New Arrivals -- sEMG Biofeedback FES Series

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