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LCMS-8080 : High Durability, Reliability as well as High Sensitivity

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In addition to best-in-class sensitivity, the LCMS-8080 demonstrates outstanding reliability in a wide range of challenging matrices. It delivers appropriate results even in ultra trace analysis you have ever been given it up. LCMS-8080 delivers you the ideal quantitative performance to solve any kind of scenes you need to overcome.

Providing the better linearity in a wide variety of compounds

The LCMS-8080 gives great linearity with wide dynamic range. With the calibration curves of cilostazol, an excellent linearity (R2 = 0.9999) was obtained across the calibration levels from 2 pg/mL to 50 ng/mL. In addition, even at low concentrations, a relative error and area repeatability were achieved less than 15 % and 10 % respectively. That highlights the performance of the LCMS-8080 to successfully conduct the analyses with wider dynamic range from low to high concentrations.

Achieving Excellent Stability

With the LCMS-8080, the system is always kept clean by incorporating an exhaust system, which minimizes the interference from sprayer and HSID significantly reduces the chemical noise from sample matrices with the heated multi-orthogonal ion path. Even when the measurement was conducted in the challenging matrices, the LCMS-8080 demonstrates outstanding durability, continues to output the stable data.

LCMS-8080 : High Durability, Reliability as well as High Sensitivity