SmartMan Announces Wireless for Free!

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The wireless feature is now included on all SmartMan Guidelines 2015 compliant products at no extra cost.

It’s a Free APP

The APP requires an Android device such as a phone or tablet.

The App is available on Google Play.

Total Flexibility

Whether you are using the wired or wireless connections, you always have full access to the SmartMan real time feedback, to all features in all activities, and you have access to all of the data.

There are no hassles to switch back to the wired connection at any time. You simply plug the USB cable into the manikin and computer, and then proceed as normal.

Most Effective CPR Training Simulator

SmartMan is the only CPR training system that has a proven record of helping increase skill retention and to lead to measurable improvement in patient Outcomes.

Excellent Value

No User Fees, No Annual Fees, No Limit on Users, and Now Wireless is FREE!

Contact SmartMan at or visit our website at

SmartMan Announces Wireless for Free!

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