SmartMan is The Only CPR Feedback System that Results in Improved Survival Outcomes

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SmartMan CPR Training Systems with Innovative and Award Winning Visual Color Feedback are now Proven to Outperform all Others.

Clinical evidence presented at the European Resuscitation Council, Guidelines 2015 Congress, showed that use of SmartMan across an entire Cardiac Arrest Management System, produced more than a doubling of the number of Survivors to Discharge.


In a detailed review of the Science and Data up to the release of the 2015 Guidelines, no other CPR Feedback System showed Improved Outcomes.

“None of the Studies on Feedback or Prompt Devices has demonstrated Improved Survival to discharge with Feedback”. ILCOR Guidelines 2015 Page 11


There were more than twice as many survivors to discharge from the hospital when people were trained on SmartMan.

According to SmartMan’s Eric Fruitman, Students using SmartMan’s Easy to Understand, At-a-Glance Visual Colour Bar Feedback, rapidly learned the skills to levels needed to Improve CPR Performance and Survival Outcomes.

“SmartMan’s better and more accurate feedback succeeded in producing measureable results where other systems fell short. We intuitively know that a well-trained first responder will perform better when an emergency occurs. We must invest in better trained people!”

SmartMan’s more Accurate and Objective Evidence based Feedback has been proved to matter when it counts most; SmartMan Training leads to More Survivors.

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SmartMan is The Only CPR Feedback System that Results in Improved Survival Outcomes

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