New : Real Time Accurate Objective CPR Feedback for Newborns SmartMan Neonate CPR Training System

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SmartMan ( V4EMS Inc. ) of Los Angeles CA are pleased to introduce SmartMan Neonate, joining award winning SmartMan Core Training Product Line including; ALS, BLS, Megacode and Baby.

SmartMan Neonate is a digitally enhanced infant training manikin system designed to provide Best Practice CPR on a Newborn aged 0-30 days.

Neonate uses SmartMan’s award winning Real Time Visual Color Feedback to objectively measure and display skills performance levels, leading to rapid improvement in the quality of Compressions, Ventilations and CPR skills.

Neonate has a special focus on getting Ventilations correct with 5 unique “on-the-fly” software adjustable lung capacities, simulating different infant ages and sizes.

Neonate is the most accurate infant manikin for practicing ventilation tidal volume and flow, making it an excellent addition to any Neonatal Simulation Training program.

Key Features :

Visual At-a-Glance Feedback as you Perform.

Chest Rise On Ventilations, Correct Head Position.

3:1 CPR (Protocol for Birth to One Month old).

15:2 CPR as an alternative Protocol.

Percentage Score upon completion of an Activity.

Examine Skills, Review Performance.

Print/View/Store and Retrieve Results.

Special Focus on Correct Ventilations

A world first, unique Ventilation Activity has been designed to help correct rate and volume of inspiration. It requires accurate head position and a proper squeeze of the BVM. It also shows tidal view of the ventilation and a correct full release of the BVM.

For More Information :

Download SmartMan Neonate Catalogue on MedicalExpo :

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V4EMS Inc. is a leading Developer of Medical Device Hardware and Software Training Systems and the owner of SmartMan with headquarters in Los Angeles Ca and offices in Australia and Hong Kong.

Select International Country Distributorships Available.

New : Real Time Accurate Objective CPR Feedback for Newborns SmartMan Neonate CPR Training System

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