SmartMan Press Release of Multi-Manikin Viewer

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Monitor up to 8 manikins at once! - All of SmartMan's award winning feedback on one oversight monitor.

SmartMan presents the new Multi-Manikin Viewer. This software is designed to be used by an oversight supervisor. It allows a trainer or supervisor to view up to 8 different trainees' performance session all at once on one single device.

The trainee still receives the fundamental philosophy of our award winning real time feedback for high quality training.

The supervisor sees all feedback as activities are performed and completed. The SmartMan Facilitator module will display and record the Login name, score, and results breakdown just like SmartMan programs do for a later access.

See more info at our webpage or check out the catalogue!

SmartMan Multi-Manikin Viewer
SmartMan Multi-Manikin Viewer

Oversee 8 manikins and trainees at once. Same high quality feedback training of SmartMan, now easier to manage all sessions at once.

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