SmartMan Releases New Range of Resuscitation Simulators (RSIM)

Eric Fruitman
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Durable, Sophisticated, Advanced Team Code and Skills Training

The SMARTMAN RSIM’s are designed to be the affordable Simulators that perform to a high standard for the things that most people have to do on a repeat basis.

“All simulations relate performance to the condition of the patient”

The TASK Simulator has the extra features so that key skills reach the threshold of performance indicated in the science that are required in order to make a difference to the patient. It has purpose built physical features such as real rates of air flow and life-like negative and positive pressure in the thorax to provide next generation training today. The TASK Simulator is a tough yet sophisticated system. It will handle continual heavy duty chest compressions training and provides the advanced high fidelity response for practicing conscious sedation. It even has a physical response for symptoms of bucking the tube.

The TEAM Simulator is unique in that it is designed specifically to optimize the actions of the team to improve the condition of the patient. The urgency of time and the need for the team performance to come together are given in real time simulations relating performance to various aspects of the condition of the patient. This team trainer spells out for each team member what they are to do, how to do it and when. This TEAM Simulator takes the chaos out of a code response and teaches Team Coordination. After the mock code the computer generated analysis gives the trainer a quick-view of the crucial places where the code can be improved to have the greatest impact on patient survival.

RSIM1 combines the features of the TASKS and TEAM trainers. It performs all tasks and all team activities. For practicing vascular access, it comes with both our IV arm as well as the IO leg. It also includes amalgamating, cleaning and reporting on results from different sessions and locations. This is the cloud based eSERT feature that includes customized graphs with the ability to drill down and to export the data.

The SmartMan RSIM’s are ALL full body systems that can take an advanced airway. They are ready for use in Pre-Hospital and In-Hospital scenarios. Physically they all have a special build to reproduce the pressures and air flow in the thorax and provide life-like readings as the chest is moving during chest compressions. They all have advanced digital sensors for accurate recording of skills and display of interactions in real time. All have advanced data capability and are pre-activated for cloud usage.

These Simulators represent Best Practice Training for both AHA Protocols and alternative protocols such as High Density and CAM protocols.

For more information: Click for our SmartMan RSIM Brochures and Feature Sheets or Visit our Website at www.SmartMan.Biz.

About V4EMS/SmartMan

V4EMS Inc. are the Creators of the Award Winning SmartMan Range of Medical Simulation, Resuscitation & CPR Training Solutions. SmartMan provides Accurate Feel and Response during Skills Training, Capturing and Tracking Accurate Real time Digital Data which is Immediately Presented, Locally Stored and Cloud enabled.

Located in Fontana, California, V4EMS Inc. produces State-of-the-Art Advanced Digital Sensors and Develops their own Software Applications. Products are used in Pre-Hospital, In-Hospital, University Medical Centers, Military and Leading Institutions around the World.

For More Information, please contact;

Toll Free: +877 774-4323 | Email: Info@SmartMan.Biz | www.SmartMan.Biz

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SmartMan Releases New Range of Resuscitation Simulators (RSIM)

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