SOWECARE will introduce a revolutionary wheelchair.

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Three in one revolutionary wheel chair

The wheel chair, LeRoulé Plus, is a unique manually operated wheelchair which can be equipped with three electric functions, that will mean a breakthrough for the self-reliance of the user:

• A high-low setting allows the user to sit at the table at the appropriate height, to make a transfer and to be at the same height as others persons when having a conversation.

• A stand-up function allows the user to get out of the chair, which also makes life much easier when assistance is required to stand up.

• Finally an electric tilt function can been added which easily puts the chair in the rest position, thereby distributing body pressure well over the chair.

SOWECARE is an independent developer and manufacturer of innovative medical appliances.

Sowecare is based in Almelo, The Netherlands.

Wheelchair with high/low, stand-up and tilt function
Wheelchair with high/low, stand-up and tilt function

wheelchair with stand up function

movement of the function of the wheelchair

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