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LC 20 Cart Washer: achieve more with less!

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With a compact size and footprint, shallow pit and low running costs, it offers great flexibility without any reduction in performance or safety.

Compact size with full functionality

Measuring just 1.75m in length and 1.66m in width, LC20 can be easily installed in compact spaces and only requires a 110mm pit or a low profile ramp.

Despite it''s size, LC20 does not compromise on performance and is available with a number of class leading features including:

- Either thermal or chemical disinfection

- Connection manifold to trolleys fitted with spray arms

- Rapid forced air drying with powered floor tilting

- Adjustable guide rails compatible with a wide range of different trolleys.

- SteelcoTronic auto diagnostics to monitor equipment performance with traceability through SteelcoData.

The optimal solution for a number of different applications

Remote clinics, smaller facilities.

At point of use where container and furniture, OR shoes can be reprocessed using either chemical or thermal disinfection.

Retirement homes and other institutions needing the regular disinfection of furniture.

In CSSD departments:

- Where space limitations exist.

- Used as separate high capacity washer that can reprocess up to 32 containers per hour with the same capacity as 4 washers with significantly reduced water and electricity consumtion.

- In high capacity departments, enables wash carts to be separately processed and transferred direct from the soiled area to the transfer point for distribution of sterile goods without disturbing workflow or taking up space in the clean area.

- Fitted with trolleys with spray arms, as a back-up for the washing of instruments during maintenance of washers or if there is a backup of instruments to be processed in the soiled area in case of emergencies (provided local protocol allow).

LC 20 Cart Washer: achieve more with less!

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