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Introducing the imagiQ2 Lite by STILLE

Introducing the imagiQ2 Lite, a new low-dose surgical imaging table from STILLE developed and optimized for the fast growing Office Based Lab market**.

A recent study published in Lancet concluded that more than 250 million people are affected by Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). The disease is characterized as pandemic with over 1 million patients treated by endovascular surgical techniques in the USA alone. Driven by favorable reimbursement and established surgical techniques, the treatment of PAD has quickly moved out of hospitals to new outpatient Office Based Labs.

The new imagiQ2 Lite is a surgical imaging table optimized for the needs of endovascular treatment of diseases such as PAD in Office Based Labs. With its unique and patent pending low-dose carbon fiber top, the table is developed to help reduce dose exposure while improving image quality. The STILLE imagiQ2 Lite offers the longest float in its class, the highest elevation span to get the patient close to the receiver and a patent pending True Free Float® technology to give the surgeon the ability to perfectly control and position the patient for improved productivity and patient safety. The slim design with a low base and an unsurpassed imaging area helps to maximize C-arm access and the ability to run efficient fluoroscopy interventions.

All STILLE tables are approved for surgical procedures, developed and manufactured in Sweden with meticulous quality control to perfection, and sold with 3 year warranty. STILLE is the global market leader within mobile surgical imaging tables used for endovascular repair.