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Stryker Emergency Care
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Smoother communication. Stronger teamwork.

Manage and deliver patient and device data when it’s needed. Utilise a cloud-based platform to provide EMS and hospital the tools needed to work together. Quickly and easily obtain consultations from remote clinicians and activate care teams in seconds across your organisation.

Faster response time leading to improved outcomes.

Hospitals know what to expect before patients reach their doors, which means care teams can be assembled faster and briefed in advance. Minimise time to treatment for STEMI, stroke, and other emergencies with advance notice of incoming critical patients to help improve outcomes.

Enhanced equipment management.

Reduce time spent checking on device readiness by transmitting data from connected devices for asset management. Manage your LUCAS® 3 v3.1, LIFEPAK® 15, LIFEPAK 1000, LIFEPAK CR2, and LIFEPAK 20e with CodeManagement Module® with LIFENET Asset to track equipment readiness, manage setup options, update software, and receive notifications about potential device issues.



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