Technogym redefines functional training with OMNIA

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OMNIA is able to ensure an all-round workout for small groups, with training programmes for all levels of ability. It guarantees the highest level of interaction, with a modular structure that ensures a compact formation ideal for those with limited space.

Small Group Training

To maximise OMNIA''s useability and performance, Technogym offers innovative companion training programmes for small groups via the mywellness cloud platform, which are automatically updated every three months. Designed by world class experts in collaboration with the company''s Scientific Research department, these programmes propose stimulating exercises, subdivided into categories based on the Technogym Ability Training System, an interactive classification method devised to encourage users to achieve optimum results.

Style and Design

OMNIA is designed to be stimulating even for inexpert users. Its nature embodies Technogym''s unique and innovative style, with particular attention to detail in all products and solutions. OMNIA''s clean design and open layout allow trainers to easily supervise all participants during workout sessions. The flooring concept with integrated markings to aid full exercise helps instructors to organise the class and allows them to personalise the layout in order to maximise use of the equipment.

Modular structure

OMNIA is available in two versions. The full OMNIA-8 version with a free-standing frame is designed for workouts with small groups of up to eight people, while the OMNIA-3 wall-mounted version is designed for up to three users, making it ideal for limited spaces or multi-purpose areas. All the equipment and accessories can be assembled in modular configurations, thanks to its intuitive setting system.

With an innovative design accompanied by continuously updated educational content devised to help gym operators grow their businesses, OMNIA is the ideal solution for successful functional training and for encouraging people to move, train and having fun.

Technogym redefines functional training with OMNIA

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