Tema Sinergie Hot Cells approach the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Tema Sinergie
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For their nuclear medicine facility full upgrade, The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital’s choice was Tema Sinergie and Imaxeon. The new hot lab will reduce the waiting list for scan using radioactive tracers and will open up extra ability for new t

The nuclear medicine facility upgrade had doubled the capacity

A special nuclear medicine facility at the state’s biggest hospital, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s, will be able to make vital medical tracking drugs faster and in greater numbers after the recent upgrade.

Lab manager Marissa Bartlett said the upgrade, which had been completed over the past 12 months, had effectively doubled capacity.

“Previously we were limited by the number of manufacturing modules we had,” Dr Bartlett said. “Now we can make more tracers simultaneously and that will allow us to support more diagnoses.”

Previously, the waiting list for scans using radioactive tracers was about eight weeks and that was expected to be reduced significantly.

An extra space open up extra ability for new tracers

In addition to simply expanding capacity, the extra space for research opens up extra ability for new types of tracers to be developed. In particular the research team is working on developing tracers with longer half-lives which can be transported further and kept for longer.

Dr. Bartlett said they were working on a tracer for use specifically with Alzheimer’s disease.

“We’re working on a compound which could be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease earlier, and that’s something which is valuable when you’re developing a treatment,” she said.

Tema Sinergie, together with its partner Imaxeon, took part in this remarkable expansion project by providing technologies and solutions for the whole radioactive tracers production workflow.


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