LiLLYMETER Radiometric device

TSE spol. s r.o.
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Provides precise measurement of blue spectre light intensity to ensure the optimum phototherapeutic treatment.

“Concentrate on quality care and have costs under control”

LiLLY Radiometer is only designed for light intensity measurement of LiLLY Phototherapeutic Lamp.

Simple handling & Easily legible display

• Easily legible in any environment thanks to display illumination

• The final measurement value remains on the display until the next measurement or until automatic switch–off when not used for one minute

• One-button control

Perfect optical system & Measurement accuracy

• Measured values displayed in standard units – microwatts per square centimetre per nanometre (μW/cm2/nm)

• Special sensor design minimises sensitivity to irradiance angle of incidence

• Microprocessor electronics improves effectiveness and suitability for the purpose

Safety & Calibration

• LiLLY can be calibrated individually according to a standard corresponding to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) conditions

• A Calibration Certificate is attached for reference in a hospital Easy cleaning

• Smooth surface enables the unit to be wiped with disinfectants and prevents deposition of dirt

Long battery life

• Automatic switching off when not being used extends the operation time without battery replacement

LiLLYMETER Radiometric device