Elara - Class B Autoclave (19-28 Liter) - Perfect for Dental & Medical Clinics

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The Elara tabletop autoclave (19 to 28 liter chamber) is a reliable and robust Class B autoclave designed for the sterilization processing needs of Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics and Veterinary Clinics where they are expected operate non-stop every day and according to strict international standards.


Top Quality Stainless Steel

• Durable 316L stainless steel electro-polished chamber lasts longer than competing 304 stainless steel chambers

• Stainless steel door with mirror polish surface is highly resistant to corrosion

Built-in system for checking water quality

• Automatic water quality checking will alert the user of poor water quality. Protect the autoclave chamber from corrosive minerals in poor water.


You get extra tray space compared to other autoclaves that offer 17 to 20 liter chambers.

Extra capacity per cycle requires less cycles per day, saving you energy costs and water.


Water Filling

• Front water filling allows you to use the space above the autoclave

• Top water filling is also available

• Automatic feed water (optional) will automatically fill the autoclave reservoir with water


• Self-locking door designed to easily close/open door with one hand


• Sleep Mode - allows user to set time to switch sterilizer to minimum energy consumption

• Low Rate Cycle - you can run your sterilizer when electrical power costs are low, like after work hours, by setting a delayed start time.


• Two different locking mechanisms prevent the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized

• Cycle will not start if the door is not locked

• Door will not open at end of cycle until chamber pressure equalizes to room pressure

Class B performance is achieved with a built-in vacuum pump used for prevacuum air removal eliminating air pockets from all load types and maximizing efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load.

As a family owned business Tuttnauer has manufactured products for over 90 years that have developed a reputation for their quality, high performance, sophisticated features, and ability to satisfy customer expectations. Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products are trusted at over 350 000 autoclave installations throughout the world.

Contact Tuttnauer because we can provide you reliable sterilization equipment +31 76 5423510 or info@tuttnauer.com

Elara - Class B Autoclave (19-28 Liter) - Perfect for Dental & Medical Clinics

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