GS Hospital Autoclaves

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For CSSDs, OR & Medical Centers - 155 liter (1 StU) and 245 liter (2 StU) Chambers

GS Autoclaves are designed to be more affordable for Medical Centers with limited budgets that require single door or double door pass-through installations. We have maintained Tuttnauer's high quality for hospital grade autoclaves, providing reliable, heavy-duty high performance machines. The rounded chamber and coiled jacket reduce the manufacturing costs which allow for more affordable autoclaves and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

More Affordable - For facilities with Limited Budget

• Rounded chamber and coiled jacket reduces the manufacturing cost of the autoclave

• Tuttnauer passes that benefit on to our customers

Narrow Design - Designed for Limited Space

• Narrow 75cm wide autoclaves for more autoclaves in a limited area

• More autoclaves reduce downtime risks by ensuring continued sterile processing

Simplified Design for Low Maintenance - Hospital Grade Performance with Simplified Design

• Less parts and reduced complexity

• Light weight and simplified installation with flexible connections

• Low long-term maintenance costs

With Double Doors - Convenient 1 Wall Pass-Through Installation

• Wall Installation between non-sterile and sterile rooms

• Includes side panels for 1-wall installation

• Additional service area not required

• Can also be installed in a 2 wall separation

Experience since 1925

For over 90 years Tuttnauer, as a family owned business, has been an industry leader satisfying customer expectations with top quality, high performance products and a dedicated service support team. Tuttnauer sterilization & infection control products are trusted at over 350,000 installations worldwide including Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Facilities.

GS Hospital Autoclaves

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