UFSK International - motionLine

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Advantages for Assistant

Ergonomically shaped, comfortable push handles

Integrated clip-on basket for the patients'' personal effects; perfectly

positioned underneath the seating surface

High-quality, comfortable and easy-care upholstery to meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements

Infinitely adjustable backrest and seat adjustment via gas pressure spring with foot release

Comfortable and easy maneuvering by a single person

Two large-sized casters on the foot end and two smaller-sized double casters on the head end for effortless movement by a single person

Two brake levers for locking the seat casters for perfect position stability

Provides a “shock position”

Advantages for Patient

Flexible, height-adjustable neck support cushion for enhanced patient


“Organic Tilting”: newly developed seat tilting angle to prevent the patients from sliding and protect them against chafing

Wide and sturdy covering for an outstanding level of comfort during reclining

Ergonomically shaped backrest cushion with lumbar support

Sturdy steel frame for patients weighing up to 135 kilograms

Fold-away, comfortable armrests to serve for added patient safety

UFSK International - motionLine

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