Vaniman''s Dental Micro-Abrasive Sand Blasters

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Orthodontists use our SandStorm Professional in their office to remove the glue from each bracket.

Prosthodontists use our blasters to “ruff up” the implants to increase the hold during the healing process.

Dentists use our products for a bunch of different reasons such as “ruffing up” the underside of a crown to increase adhesion.

Dental labs use our dental sand blasters for surface preparation or porcelain clean up.

Each of our blasters, minus the SandStorm Mobile, comes with a blasting cabinet of varying size allowing for a cleaner work area. Match your Dental Micro-Abrasive Sand Blaster with our Dental Dust Collectors and you will never have to worry about any mess. You can choose from three different abrasive tanks 25-50 microns, 50-100 microns, and 110-150 microns with any combination of each.

Some of our products do have a short run off time, which is caused by the tanks depressurizing. If this is an issue for you, we have an auto-off feature as well. Each of our products a built in light and a foot pedal control to allow for increased accuracy while blasting. There are many different features with our dental micro-abrasive sand blasters so please don''t hesitate to let us know what you need.

Vaniman''s Dental Micro-Abrasive Sand Blasters