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VirtaMed’s Obstetric Ultrasound Simulator makes its European debut at the ISUOG World Congress

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VirtaMed’s new Obstetric Ultrasound simulator incorporates the ISUOG 20+2 protocol for examining mid-trimester fetuses.

This rigorous anatomical review requires clinicians to assess each of the 20 anatomical planes and perform biometric measurements to exclude up to 50 fetal abnormalities.

The simulator made its European debut at the 2019 ISUOG World Congress in Berlin where VirtaMed was invited to support the 20+2 and fetal heart scan simulation workshops. Participating with our transabdominal ultrasound module, the VirtaMed team had the pleasure to train over 100 medical professionals.

The simulation workshops were chaired by Dr. Gihad Chalouhi, member of the ISUOG Basic Training Task Force and a pioneer in the implementation of simulation in obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound education. Dr. Chalouhi has used VirtaMed’s Obstetric Ultrasound simulator on several occasions already and he is very pleased with the new educational tool.

" VirtaMed are themselves a baby in obstetric ultrasound simulation and they managed to bring a new and innovative training approach to the market. Their simulator is clearly one of the most advanced solution for learning the 20+2 scan. I look forward to our future collaboration. "

- Dr. Gihad Chalouhi MD, PhD, ISUOG Basic Training Task Force, President of the SimECHOle Simulation School, France, Director of the Prenatal Institute of the Middle-East, Lebanon

Users particularly enjoyed having the ability to move the transabdominal probe freely across the abdomen. In fact, this functionality was highlighted as being truly unique to VirtaMed. Other favourite features of the VirtaMed Obstetric Ultrasound simulator included realistic simulated graphics and a wide range of pathologies.

" We are excited to see that VirtaMed developed a simulator that is so close to training on a real patient. We wish that all residents in the Czech Republic had access to their obstetric ultrasound simulator. "

- František Weidenthaler and Tetiana Markovych, Obstericians, Czech Republic

Being a sensitive procedure, transvaginal ultrasound is not always easy to learn. The lifelike haptic feedback of VirtaMed's proprietary vaginal model allows for a seamless transition to clinical settings.

ISUOG 2019
ISUOG 2019

Training at VirtaMed's booth at ISUOG 2019

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