The new LISA sterilizer from W&H: Fast. Easy to use. Secure traceability.

W&H Dentalwerk International
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The efficient sterilization of dental instruments and the optimal organization of work procedures are the focus of contemporary hygiene concepts. Today modern processes in sterilization require the use of latest technologies. With the new Lisa sterilizer W&H offers to the most demanding dental practice a modern and high quality device with the highest sterilization efficiency: The W&H sterilizer features an accelerated type B sterilization cycle for an average load, an intuitive user interface and a unique system for Real Time Remote Monitoring via WiFi. Users do not only benefit from an efficient time management, but also from a user-friendly menu structure and a high level of security in sterilization.

Easy to use:

Thanks to a new user interface and user-friendly menu structure

The new Lisa colour touch screen with its intuitive icons has been selected and designed to make the daily work of the practice team easier, faster and more efficient. To meet all user needs four menu options are displayed for swift and intuitive navigation. Featuring an integrated help button, Lisa assists during navigation – which not only saves valuable time, but also means less training is required. To make the operation easy and straight forward, an additional set of 3D animations, shows step by step, the main maintenance operations.


Accelerated type B cycle thanks to Eco Dry technology

The new Lisa provides additionally optimized cycle times. The patented advanced Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the working life span of the instruments and optimizes the energy consumption. Alongside these benefits, the Eco Dry technology supports a higher throughput of instruments – in particular an important advantage for practices with high volumes.

Lisa offers the option of Class B cycles to process and perfectly dry 2 kg of load in only 30 minutes. Automatic adjustment of the drying time, depending on the load, reduces the heat exposure time. This extends the service life of the instruments. Plus the optimization of the drying time means less energy consumption - making Lisa the “green solution” in the application field of sterilization.

Lisa offers the option of extremely quick sterilization of unwrapped instruments as well: The instruments can be removed from the sterilizer ready for use after only 13 minutes.

The new LISA sterilizer from W&H: Fast. Easy to use. Secure traceability.

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