Lina - Your reliable partner in the “B class”

W&H Dentalwerk International
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Efficient solutions for reliable sterilization of medical devices are the key to success in dental practices equipped with high-tech equipment. The rapid and effective reprocessing of dental instruments and materials is a focus of state-of-the-art technologies. With its unique combination of the latest technology and advanced functions, the new Lina sterilizer from W&H now steals the show with even shorter cycle times and optimised water consumption. A new USB port integrated directly in the device supports the simple and seamless documentation of the entire sterilization process. As no additional hardware is required any more, the innovative W&H device boasts an excellent price/performance ratio.

Sterilization – even quicker and more eco-friendly

Already well-known for the high W&H quality in Class B sterilization, the new Lina now features new optimised cycle times. Compared to the previous generation, complete loads can now be reprocessed 10 minutes faster, which ensures not only more efficient time management, but also more rapid availability of the instruments for subsequent treatments.

The device also boasts additional strengths such as the short ECO-B cycle, which has been specially designed for smaller loads. This allows users to cut their cycle times by up to half – the instruments can now be sterilized, dried and removed from the W&H device in less than 30 minutes.1

For the very first time, optimised water consumption ensures even higher eco-friendliness in your practice. With the new Lina, it is now possible to perform even more cycles than ever before with a full water tank. Whereas 4-7 cycles were possible in the past, you can now run 5-10 cycles at the same water consumption. Featuring an intuitive operating concept, Lina guides you through all sterilization options simply – which not only saves valuable time, but also means less training is required.

Extra functions

An automatic water filling valve ensures added convenience and efficiency for the sterilization, making it possible to configure hygiene processes even more efficiently in the dental practice.

Lina - Your reliable partner in the “B class”

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