ACCUVAC – Experience in Great Shape

WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology
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Hamburg – In an emergency situation the patient's survival depends on quickly and effectively clearing the airways and keeping them clear. For decades ACCUVAC has been synonymous with reliability and safety in airway suctioning. In the new, fourth generation of ACCUVAC, WEINMANN Emergency brings the proven suction pump to state-of-the-art technology.

The new models – ACCUVAC Pro and ACCUVAC Lite– can be used intuitively, flexibly and immediately. ACCUVAC Pro rapidly clears airways by suctioning the mouth and throat or endotracheal or bronchial areas in babies, juveniles and adults. With four pre-defined suction levels, the suction capacity of the ACCUVAC Pro can be adjusted quickly to the ideal setting. The ACCUVAC Pro is the critical factor in effective and fast treatment in a pre-hospital emergency situation. In addition to suctioning airways, the ACCUVAC Pro and the ACCUVAC Lite can also deflate vacuum splints and mattresses.

ACCUVAC Pro – Advantages at a glance:

• High suction capacity of 34 liters/minute at 0.8 bar at device inlet

• User can change battery without tools

• Four pre-defined suction settings

• Automatic function check with visual and acoustic feedback

• No rechargeable battery calibration required; Pro is equipped with a modern lithium-ion battery

• Compatible with existing wall mounting

• Optional large accessories bag, protective bag and/or shoulder strap

ACCUVAC – Experience in Great Shape

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