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Why Is Air Transfer Mattress Widely Used For Patient Transfer And Positionin

As an air transfer mattress and other safe patient transfer product manufacturer with 20 years’ industry experience, Yearstar has professional experience knowledge.

Whether in a hospital, clinic, long term care medical facility or at home, patient lateral transfer is an unavoidable operation in the patient’s daily care, and relying on the strength of the caregiver to manually transfer the patient will be laborious and easy to cause injuries to the caregiver and even the patient.

The huge demand for labor-saving and safe patient transfer assistive products has given rise to the creation and wide application of air-assisted transfer mattresses.

How it works.

The Yearstar air transfer mattress consists of two layers, the upper layer is made of selected fabric for comfort and safety. On the bottom layer, there are many small vent holes whose size, quantity, and locations have been carefully calculated and designed so that when the air mattress is inflated by the air pump, the air in the air mattress will pass through these small holes, forming a thin layer between the air mattress and the bed surface. And at the same time, it can ensure that the amount of air discharged is just right so that when the patient is lying on the air mattress, the mattress can hold the patient securely and also slides effortlessly due to the air layer between the two surfaces which greatly reduces friction.

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Extended function.

Generally, air mattresses are equipped with multiple handles around it, which is convenient for nursing staff to transfer and position patients from different angles. If there are special needs, more configurations can be customized to provide extended functions, such as sling straps. With the high strength sling straps added to the air mattress, it is able to perform as a positioning sheet to lift and reposition the patient easily while deflated.

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The operation of an air transfer mattress is inseparable from an air supply equipment. The air ports of the air mattresses manufactured by Yearstar are designed with proper size and compatible with the major brands’ air pumps on the market, including but not limited to Airpal®, Hovermatt®, Arjo-Huntleigh™, Stryker®, EZ Way®, Safeslide™, BridgeAir™, SPH.

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The air transfer mattress is constructed of non-metal and electrically non-conductive or magnetic materials, thus it has been determined through scientific rationale to be Radiolucent and MRI safe, allowing patient to stay on the mattress for the ancillary procedures conveniently.

OEM Capacity.

As an air transfer mattress and other safe patient transfer product manufacturer with 20 years’ industry experience, Yearstar understands how our products can be customized to serve safe and labor-saving patient transfer better and is able to provide professional suggestions on the new product development. The self-owned factories across China and Southeast Asia allow us to offer strong production capacity and flexibility. We also continue to learn and improve during the OEM processes in the hope to produce better air transfer mattresses and make more contribution to safe patient handling and mobility.

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