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YEARSTAR Adopts New Biodegradable Material for Air Transfer Mattress

New Biodegradable Material for Air Transfer Mattress

YEARSTAR decided to adopt a new biodegradable material to make Hospital Medical bed mattresses and SPU Air Transfer Mattress With Handles for patients after research and discussion with relevant textile industry experts.

Everyone is responsible for caring for the earth. Recently, the greenhouse effect has become the focus of the world. The extremely high temperature has swept many countries and regions around the world this year and brought a great impact on people's lives.

In response to the increasing global warming, YEARSTAR decided to adopt a new biodegradable material to make Hospital Medical Patient Transfer and Positioning Air Transfer Mattress after discussion and research with relevant textile industry experts. This new material is not only economical and environmentally friendly but also has good performance and more functions than ordinary materials.

The common way to dispose of ordinary plastics is to burn and cremate them, which causes a large amount of greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air. The new material used by YEARSTAR can be buried in the soil and degraded, and the carbon dioxide produced directly enters the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants, and will not be discharged into the air, thus not causing the greenhouse effect.

The new biodegradable material used by YEARSTAR has several characteristics.

(1). Degradability

This new type of biodegradable material is made from starch raw materials raised from renewable plant resources. It has good biodegradability, and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water, and then entering the soil or being absorbed by plants, without polluting the environment, which is very beneficial for protecting the environment and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

(2) . Good Compatibility

This new biodegradable material is also widely used in the medical field, such as the production of disposable infusion sets, detachable surgical sutures, drug sustained-release packaging, etc.

(3). Good Tensile Strength and Ductility

This new material has high tensile strength and ductility, and also has good comfort. YEARSTAR applies it to the single patient use and reusable patient transfer and positioning air transfer mattresses, which will ensure high weight capacity and durability of the air mattress. At the same time, the environmentally friendly plant ingredients make the patient feel more comfortable when lying on the air transfer mattress.

(4). Good Air Permeability

This new biodegradable material has good air permeability, oxygen permeability, and carbon dioxide permeability, and it also has the characteristics of odor isolation. Usually, viruses and molds are easily attached to the surface of the fabric, so there are concerns about safety and hygiene. However, this new material is a biodegradable material with excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. With the effect of this material, YEARSTAR applies it to air transfer mattress, which can provide better breathability and anti-bacterial effect to protect the health of patients.

(5). Non-toxic And Non-hazardous

When incinerating this new biodegradable material, its burning calorific value is the same as that of incinerating paper, which is half of that of incinerating traditional plastics (such as polyethylene). And absolutely no nitrogen compounds, sulfides, and other toxic gases that cause harm to the human respiratory tract will be released.

This new material can be applied to not only air transfer mattresses, but also other patient handling and transfer products like patient transfer sheet, slide sheet, lift sling, gait belt, etc. Contact YEARSTAR to get more details if you’re interested in patient transfer products and the new material.

YEARSTAR Adopts New Biodegradable Material for Air Transfer Mattress


  • Wuxi, Jiangsu, China