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Meling is Looking forward to meeting you at Analitika Expo 2022,Moscow

Moscow,Crocus Expo IEC,Pavilion 3,Hall 13

As the situation has improved, we are pleased to inform you that Meling Biology & Medical will be participating in the 2022 Analitika Expo which will be held in Moscow from April 19th to 22nd, 2021. Our booth number: Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3, Hall 13.

You can find many cold chain products from Meiling. We are committed to helping fight the pandemic with our high-quality products. We are committed to helping fight the pandemic with our high-quality products.

2~8℃ Pharmacy refrigerator

Leading Air Cooling Refrigeration System

Intelligent audible and visible alarm system

Superb technology design

R600a Refrigerant

CE/UL qualified

2~8℃ Ice-lined refrigerator

Stainless steel internal material for high-performance insulation

Long holdover time in case power failure to ensure the safe storage

Industry-first "pre-cooling mode" to maximize the cold storage capacity before power failure

CFC-free Refrigerant


-25 ℃ Biomedical freezer

-10 to -25℃ freezer for sample or vaccine storage(e.g. Modena)

Multiple alarm for storage safety,high/low temperature ,sensor failure,door ajar alarm ,etc.

CFC-FREE refrigerant

Ergonomic design

CE/UL qualified

-40 ℃ Ultra-low temperature freezer

High/low temperature ,sensor failure,door ajar ,low battery,power failure alarm etc.

Ergonomic design

CFC-FREE refrigerant

CE/UL qualified


-86℃ Ultra-low temperature freezer

Touch screen display

6 sides VIP for excellent insulation performance

More than 10 kinds of alarm

From the world's smallest volume of 1.8 L to the world's largest volume of 1008L

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

The other compressor can maintain the temperature at -70℃ if one of the compressor is damaged


2~8/-10~-26/-40℃ Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

One equipment with two cabinets for different temperature requirements

2 separate cooling systems,able to work independently

Economy or premium to choose according your requirements

CFC-FREE refrigerant

CE qualified

4°C Blood bank Refrigerator

Stainless steel internal material for high-performance insulation

Excellent temperature uniformity

CFC-FREE refrigerant

CE Class Ⅱ

Multiple alarm for storage safety


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