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Zfx™ Evolution Scanner

The Zfx Evolution Scanner is accurate, fast and easy to use. It quickly scans the entire arch with documented accuracy of < 9μm across a volume of 120mm x 80mm when tested according to the VDI procedure.

Step-by-step instructions guide the user through the scanning process. The scanner is integrated into the Zfx Dental CAD system, an open architecture system that allows the user to output a standard .stl file for use in creating a wide variety of dental restorations.

The Zfx Evolution Scanner was developed by Zfx Innovation in Bolzano, Italy. It is a fully automatic stripe light scanner using green LED light and an open interface. For productivity in the laboratory, the scan time is approximately 20 seconds for a single die and 80 seconds for a model.


  • Zimmer Dental