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A wearable monitor that continuously keeps an eye on fetuses

Celia Sampol

The Nuvo-Group, a specialist in the pregnancy wellness industry, has developed a wearable mobile monitor, the PregSense, to keep close and continuous watch on pregnant women and their fetuses.

The device consists of an elastic harness equipped with sensors which provides data on the status of the fetus and the mother’s health in the later stages of pregnancy. A Bluetooth-enabled device attached to this monitor collects and transmits such data as mother’s and baby’s heart rates to a smartphone and stores it in a secure cloud-based database. This database is accessible only to the expectant mothers and their physicians.

A smartphone application will eventually provide a visual representation of the data. Mother and doctor can use this app to see if the baby is awake, its hand position and heart rate, as well as monitoring the mother’s activity, sleep quality, whether she is relaxed, etc.

This system allows early detection of symptoms that may lead to pregnancy complications

Courtesy of PregSense
Courtesy of PregSense

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