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The wireless stethoscope that is setting doctors’ hearts racing

Anne Gulland

The eKuore pro, developed by a health technology firm based in Spain, can do everything a traditional stethoscope can do—that is, enable a doctor or other health professional listen to a patient’s heartbeat and breathing

The stethoscope uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a mobile device such as a tablet or phone via an app, and doctors can record, process and share the results of the auscultation. The device can be connected to speakers so that both the patient and health professionals can listen in. Operators can also apply pulmonary and cardiac filters to the device at a flick of a switch.

Recording the Auscultation

me11_ekuore1Francisco Viana, head of marketing for eKuore, says that being able to record the auscultation has huge benefits for health care staff—and patients.

“Recording the auscultation improves both the diagnosis and the treatment since it allows the doctor to get a second professional opinion, to check the findings against a database or compare the patient’s status over time in an objective way,” he says.

The device, which was first launched in the veterinary market in 2013, has been available for human use since the beginning of this year, and a second generation will be launched next year. It is aimed at anyone using a traditional stethoscope, but Viana believes those working in primary care will benefit most.

The wireless stethoscope that is setting doctors’ hearts racing

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