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New Fluorescent Dye to Look Deeper Into the Body

Celia Sampol

Researchers at Stanford University have developed new fluorescent dyes that can help doctors see deeper inside the body and pinpoint for example tumor locations near the skin’s surface.

These dyes emit light of long wavelengths close to infrared light, according to Stanford University on its website. This light is not visible to the human eye but it can be viewed by a special camera and be projected to a monitor to produce deeper, sharper and more detailed images than existing dyes, from inside the body.

The other innovative aspect of these new molecular fluorescent dyes is that they can be expelled through urine within 24 hours while most of the dyes made from carbon nanotubes or quantum dots remain in the body for days and months, which thus far has prevented their use in humans.

Courtesy of: Alexander Antaris, Stanford University
Courtesy of: Alexander Antaris, Stanford University

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