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Next Generation Medicine - An Alternative to mammography

A conversation between Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Boss from the University Hospital Zurich and Dr. med. Anna Erat.

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Boss, the first user of nu:view, the world’s first breast CT scanner to use spiral CT technology, informs in a short interview about the functionality and advantages of breast CT.

Excerpt from the interview:

"There are disadvantages to conventional mammography. The disadvantage is that small breast cancer can disappear in the dense breast tissue. You can't see it because it is a projection image where there are overlaps. Here this device [breast CT scanner nu:view] produces 3D images, small thin layers of the breast, so that these overlapping effects disappear".

"Here, however, we have an absolutely high-tech device with a new detector, a so-called cadmium telluride detector, which is extremely sensitive for the detection of X-rays. With this detector, the radiation dose has been greatly reduced, so that this device actually produces approximately the same radiation dose in the breast as a conventional mammography, so that it can also be used for screening with a clear consciousness.

"The entire system now rotates around the breast to take the picture. The key point is that no compression is now necessary, so that no pain occurs during the exposure".

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Next Generation Medicine - An alternative to mammography


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