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Advanced Breast Cancer Diagnostics: University Hospital Erlangen Uses Spiral Breast CT

Hightech breast imaging solution nu:view combines excellent image quality with patient comfort – no need for breast compression

As one of the first institutions worldwide, the Institute of Radiology at the University Hospital Erlangen uses a spiral breast CT for breast diagnostics. A technological milestone that allows the Academic Breast Centre Franconia, the university hospital’s special breast unit, to further improve its first-class interdisciplinary breast cancer patient care.

The new breast imaging modality allows for high-resolution, 3D imaging at low dose levels.

But it’s not just the breakthrough technology nu:view impresses with: unlike mammography, the patient-friendly examination procedure does not require any breast compression.

Official inauguration of the breast CT at the University Hospital Erlangen, March 2020.


  • Henkestraße, Erlangen, Germany
  • AB-CT - Advanced Breast-CT GmbH

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