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Unique technology allows for compression-free examinations and excellent image quality

For the first time, AB-CT has installed the spiral breast ct system nu:view in two radiology practices:

The two devices at MVZ Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock und Partner in Dortmund, Germany and at DIE RADIOLOGEN in Regensburg, Germany are the first installations of the high-tech breast imaging modality in a non-hospital environment.

Dr. med. Karsten Ridder (MVZ Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock and Partner) and Dr. med. Andreas Kämena (DIE RADIOLOGEN) share their medical experience and discuss the added value of breast CT compared to conventional diagnostic imaging methods.

Dr. med. Karsten Ridder (MVZ Dortmund):

“The examination procedure [with breast CT] offers way better patient comfort and is much more relaxing for the patient, as we do not have to compress the breast. And it is very fast: In the course of a single 360° rotation around the female breast, up to 2000 projection images are created. A full scan takes as little as 7 – 12 seconds. One beneficial aspect to us radiologists is the extremely high resolution of 0.15 mm. That is seven times the resolution of conventional MRI images.”

“With mamma CT, for the first time, I can also examine breast implants safely. With these images, it is even possible to assess the integrity of the implant and the surrounding glandular parenchyma without the need for any additional contrast agent.”

About the possibility of functional imaging: “Thanks to the 3D images, we can better assess microcalcifications and also exactly measure the size of our findings. Moreover, we can also use them [the 3D images] for proper surgery planning. That is unique in senological diagnostics”

Dr. med. Andreas Kämena (DIE RADIOLOGEN Regensburg):

“The spiral breast CT system nu:view is a world-leading innovation. It allows for high resolution, 3D imaging without superimposition at comparably low radiation dose levels. In our practice, quality and patient care always come first. So this new solution is an ideal fit with the philosophy of our practice”

“nu:view is currently the only solution where it is possible to depict microcalcifications of tumours without breast compression at high resolution. This helps us to diagnose breast cancer early and in time – and completely without pain”

Disclaimer: Original press release and quotes in German language. Translations by AB-CT – Advanced Breast-CT.


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