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Breast CT a “promising modality” for women with implants

Did you know there’s a way for compression-free diagnostic imaging for women with breast implants, without the wait and shortcomings of MRI?

Initial experience recently published in a study by the University Hospital Zurich* confirms spiral breast CT to present “a promising modality for evaluating breast density, implant integrity, extensive capsular fibrosis, soft tissue lesions and micro-/macrocalcifications without the need of breast compression utilizing a lower dose compared to doses reported for conventional four-view mammography.”

*observational study of initial experiences with images of 21 women with implants (silicone/saline), Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland.

L. Ruby, S. Shim, N. Berger, M. Marcon, T. Frauenfelder, A. Boss. “Diagnostic value of a spiral breast computed tomography system equipped with photon counting detector technology in patients with implants”. In: Medicine 99.30 (2020), e20797. doi:10.1097/md.0000000000020797


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