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MIETHKE proGAV 2.0® - Adjustable gravitational valve with tactile adjustable mechanism for hydrocephalus therapy

The MIETHKE proGAV 2.0® will replace the MIETHKE proGAV valve series which have been successfully implanted for more than ten years. This new development focusses on further improvement in user- friendliness for the surgeon as well as increasing patient safety.

The valve is equipped with an innovative casing membrane. The socalled “Active-Lock Mechanism“, which is located below the membrane, prevents the inadvertent adjustment of the valve through the influence of external magnetic fields. The MIETHKE proGAV 2.0® is therefore, like its predecessor proGAV safeguarded up to 3-Tesla. The casing membrane enables the surgeon, with the aid of the new adjustable instrument, to adjust the valve continuously from 0 – 20 cm H2O, using only one finger. By applying light pressure to the housing membrane the Active-Lock Mechanism is released thereby carrying out the adjustment automatically. This process is accompanied by a tactile response. The surgeon actually feels the pressure point and gets direct feedback on the successful adjustment process. This principle allows very smooth adjustment.

With the help of the newly-developed proGAV 2.0® compass, the set pressure can be checked quickly and is therefore atraumatic for the patient. Burdensome radiographs to check valve settings are not necessary. However, if radiographs are available, the integrated radiographic markers in the valve allow easy checking of valve settings.


  • Aesculap - a B. Braun company