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New camera head design from Aesculap wins Red Dot Award

High distinction for Aesculap: The surgery division of the B. Braun Group won the internationally coveted “Red Dot” design award for their innovative camera heads used in endoscopic laparoscopy.

After several days of rating thousands of products from all around the world, the expert jury honored the design of the 3D EinsteinVision® 3.0 and the 2D SmartVue® camera heads from Aesculap with the quality seal in the discipline “Product Design 2017”.

With both camera systems for endoscopic laparoscopy, Aesculap implemented a platform technology for the first time. That means that in combination with the 3D camera system EinsteinVision® 3.0 both the 3D as well as 2D SmartVue® camera heads can be utilized. The same design elements and language as well as uniform control elements for both camera head variations mean that users can expect a consistent user experience and, through that, simpler handling in day-to-day clinical work.

“The third generation of our 3D camera system EinsteinVision® fulfills a variety of customer requirements”, explains Jürgen Lippert, Senior Product Manager, responsible for Global Marketing Laparoscopy at Aesculap. The operating controls make an intuitive operation of the camera head possible in a darkened, sterile surgery environment.

There were other product features that were worthy of award for the jury: the permanently fog-free optics through integrated heating elements at the tip of the endoscope, the consistently high picture quality, thanks to an extraordinary sterile provision concept with which the optical camera system doesn’t need to be sterilized (the thermal preparation is actually the main cause of the constant loss in picture quality of optical components) as well as the visible reduction of surgical smoke in the abdomen, as the high-frequency (HF) current often produces a disruptive buildup of smoke. By using a special camera algorithm, this impairment is visibly reduced. “That makes the operator’s job easier and simultaneously shortens the duration of the surgery. This illustrates how both the user and the patient are the focus of our product development, as, with laparoscopic work, better visibility also means more safety for the patients,” according to the product manager.

With the help of individualized camera settings, the camera systems can be applied interdisciplinarily in both general and visceral surgery, gynecology, urology or cardiothoracic surgery.

Happy about the internationally popular design award “Red Dot”: Jürgen Lippert (left), Senior Product Manager Global Marketing Laparoscopy, and Rudolf Zepf, Manager Technical Application Research V...


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