Regeneration for Big River Man

AHA Hyperbarics
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We had the huge honor to treat the BIG RIVER MAN or THE MAN WHO SWAM THE AMAZON

Martin Strel had a couple of sessions in our AHA hyperbaric chamber to prepare for a new big record. The physiological effects of HBOT include short-term effects such as vasoconstriction and enhanced oxygen delivery, reduction of oedema, phagocytosis activation and also an anti inflammatory effect (enhanced leukocyte function). Neovascularization (angiogenesis in hypoxic soft tissues), osteoneogenesis as well as stimulation of collagen production by fibroblasts are known long-term effects.

Martin Strel and AHA chamber
Martin Strel and AHA chamber

Martin Strel and HBOT in AHA chamber

Martin Strel and the river

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