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Magnetic Slimming

Focusing electromagnetic wave HI-EMT technology helps you strengthen muscle/reduce fat/get in shape easily.

Main Function

1.Strengthen muscle and burn fat

2.Lose fat without losing chest

3.Build peach rump

4.Build firm abs and V line abs

5.Exercise musculus obliquus externus abs, increase the abs and cure the separation of the rectus abs after delivery

Technical Principle

Surpass-20A uses non-traumatic high-energy focused electromagnetic wave HI-EMT technology through the electromagnetic field output energy. It can stimulate the body muscle motor neurons, trigger the muscle high-strength contraction muscle. In the process of strong contraction, make part of the muscle fibers break, so that the muscle can be remodeling. HI-EMT technology 100% muscle contraction can push a lot of fat decomposition by the body's normal metabolism, reduce the thickness of fat effectively.

Five Modes of Operation

HIIT:Strengthen muscle and reduce fat mode can excise muscle and reduce body fat simultaneously.

HYPERTROPHY:Aerobic and strengthening muscle mode can increase muscle growth.

Strength:Strengthen muscle mode can increase power of muscle instead of muscle mass.

Combo1:Aerobic fat loss training mode(strengthen muscle and lose fat training mode + strengthen muscle mode)

Combo2:Strengthen muscle training(aerobic and strengthening muscle mode)


※Safe and comfortable, non-invasive, no sweat, no heat therapy, no radiation.

※Stable performance, dual power supply design,dual handle independent operation.

※Time-saving and efficient, lying down for 30 minutes equals 20,000 muscle contractions, you can leave as soon as you're done.

※Run intelligent algorithm, gradually cut in, gradually weak cut out, better adapt to the human body.

Magnetic Slimming


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