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Renovation of the Rehabilitation Center and RSA, Grado

Favero Health Projects completes the task

The rehabilitation center and RSA, property of the Grado Riabilita Cooperative, has been recently fully renovated and will now be ready for inauguration in September.

Favero Health Projects, once furnished this health facility 25 years ago, and were chosen yet again to equip 60 beds for the rehabilitation area and 25 beds for the RSA area.

We provided our Inspire bed range, characterized by its high safety standards, functionality and comfort, and furniture from our production lines dedicated to clinics and the elderly. Such items featured our Honey beds and additional technical furniture designed to assist nurse work and the preparation of medicines. And lastly we kitted kitchens for living and relaxation areas.

As always the quality of our products strive to build strong customer relations, as in the case with the Grado Riabilita Cooperative where we have extended our collaboration.

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Relaxation Area


  • Grado, Province of Gorizia, Italy
  • Favero Health Projects