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The “Add On Unit” for intra-hospital intensive care transport and patient transfer.

MobiDoc Accessory

Proven over many years, the MobiDoc docking cart stands out amongst other things by the safe locking technology of the fixed docking system.

Using the same docking system, mth medical''s “Add On Unit” is docked to the MobiDoc. The device stand is ready for use both in combination with MobiDoc during transport and as a stand alone unit.

The “Add On Unit”, docked to the MobiDoc for patient care during transport, can be equipped for example with injection - and infusion pumps. For the more stationary, uninterruptible supply, the “Add On Unit” can remain as a stand-alone unit with the patient after it is quickly and easily detached from the MobiDoc.

With its sleek design, the combination of MobiDoc light and the “Add On Unit” is equivalent to the total width of a patient bed and can so easily be maneuvered through doors, elevators and other tight spaces.

MobiDoc is the modular docking trolley, designed by mth medical to benefit from continual upgrades and the development of new accessories. This far-sighted strategy ensures that all MobiDoc models can easily connect with the “Add On Unit”.

mth medical GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally operating enterprise, domiciled in Germany and specialized in the development and production of functional furniture and mounting systems for clinics, operating theatres and inpatient care facilities, with a focus on individual solutions and custom made products.

A pioneer in the sector of quick, secure and easy transport units, mth medical has been developing docking systems for patient beds, emergency stretchers and operating tables for intra-hospital patient transfer and emergency transports for more than 10 years.

The versatile and innovative line of products ranges from stands, articulated arms and clamps, a wide variety of functional trolleys and carts, drawer elements, monitor mounts and catheter-boxes all the way to MR-compatible products. Medical multiple-socket outlets round off our comprehensive list of accessories.

The “Add On Unit” for intra-hospital intensive care transport and patient transfer.


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