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MRI Critical Care Transport Cart „MobiDoc MRI“

When ICU patients require an MRI, the Critical Care Transport Cart „MobiDoc MRI“ by mth medical is an immense relief for clinic stuff, patients and time management.

MRIs with ICU patients can require significant effort.

But the complex MRI-preparation and post processing for the transport of an ICU patient to the radiology department can be effectively simplified with the ICU Transport Cart „MobiDoc MRI“.

„MobiDoc MRI“ makes the transportation preparation easier and enables secure and uninterrupted patient care during MRI-ICU transports and during the MRI itself.

For an intrahospital MRI-ICU transport, the „MobiDoc MRI“ Unit equipped with MR-conditional equipment can be directly docked onto the patient's bed.

The transport can begin as soon as the ICU patient is connected with the required MRI equipment for mobile therapy and monitoring.

Amongst other things, the MRI Docking Cart is generally equipped with a mobile MRI respirator, a mobile MRI monitor and MRI syringe pumps, which save laborious IV extension tubing and interruptions of therapy.

MobiDoc MRI can be properly equipped to escort the ICU patient into the MRI-room so that the patient can be cared for and monitored during the MRI examination.

MRI transport with MobiDoc MRI docking cart


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