Intrahospital ICU transports with MobiDoc docking cart

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During intrahospital transports of critical care patients, the use of a „MobiDoc“ is an immense support for clinic staff and provides risk reducation for ICU patients.

The additional risk for critical care patients that occurs during an intrahospital transport can be minimized by accurate planning and implementation of an optimal equipped „MobiDoc“ docking cart.

The concept of „MobiDoc“ is to enable ICU therapy standards during intensive care transports as much as possible. Every mobile docking unit for patient-centered care of critical care patients is therefore hospital-specific equipped with therapy and monitoring devices and material resources.

The entire transport equipment is compact, clearly arranged and fixed onto the mobile docking unit and therefore especially quickly accessible for the transport team.

This doesn't only save precious time during transport preparation and post processing but also during the intrahospital ICU transport itself.

Furthermore, intensive care units increasingly switch over to use „MobiDocs“ also for stationary care instead of conventional units for stationary care. This of course has a substantial positive impact on the time saving aspect.

The MobiDoc docking cart docks onto the patients bed with a flick of the wrist.

With „MobiDoc“ as soon as the patient is prepared for the transport and connected to the provided equipment, the actual transport can begin.

MobiDoc docking cart
MobiDoc docking cart

ICU transport with MobiDoc docking cart

MobiDoc docking cart in action

MobiDoc fixtures and ICU transport with MobiDoc docking cart

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