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The DollyDoc cart for Critical Care Response Teams (CCRTs)

A progressive alternative to conventional mobile emergency equipment units.

The maneuverable medical emergency cart is a clearly arranged therapy and monitoring unit for high-risk patients on hospital grounds.

The spacious and handy emergency cart can not only be docked onto patient beds for intra-hospital transfers, but can also be used outside as a hand truck.

mth medicals DollyDoc emergency cart is a spacious and very maneuverable alternative to previous mobile emergency units. The progressive emergency cart provides plenty of room for extensive emergency equipment to be well arranged and organized.

The extraordinary option to wheel the DollyDoc on its pneumatic tires as a hand-truck allows its use on outside clinic grounds as well.

Critical Care Response Teams or Critical Care Outreach Teams reach critical ill patients quick, safe, less stressed and well-equipped with the maneuverable emergency cart, no matter where within the clinic grounds.

But the innovative DollyDoc has even more to offer to support medical emergency teams and patients. In interior areas, the intra-hospital emergency cart can also be docked onto patient beds and stretchers etc. The entire emergency transport unit can be easily driven and maneuvered by only one person when docked. That way the accompanying emergency team can devote their undivided attention to the patient during the transport, as their hands are free and all the equipment is safely and clearly attached to the emergency docking cart. In this manner, clear and uninterrupted patient care is possible also during intra-hospital emergency transport.

Is the fastest way to the destination the elevator? Again, that's generally not a problem with DollyDoc. Emergency transport can be continued in most hospital lifts even when docked.

Each CCRT has different equipment and therefore every DollyDoc from mth medical is individually equipped with multifunctional and custom-made accessories. Additionally, the modular DollyDoc system can also be retrofitted at any time. An absolutely forward-thinking concept for contemporary Critical Care Outreach Concepts.

Conclusion: DollyDoc from mth medical is a progressive, clear and personnel-friendly alternative to conventional mobile units for emergency equipment.


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