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NewTom 5G: entering the veterinary sector

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NewTom, a pioneer in the use of CBCT technology, has broadened its research field and extended experimentation to the veterinary sector. The special features and characteristics of the NewTom 5G make it a device extremely well suited to the needs of this specific sector. Unique among the world's Cone Beam units as it incorporates a bed, it has been installed in major European centres of veterinary radiology; yet it is on the US market that it is acknowledged as the gold standard when it comes to the diagnosis of small-to-medium size animals.

This has been achieved thanks to the advanced technology of the US veterinary market and strengthening of the partnership, established in 2013, between NewTom and Patterson Veterinary. Patterson Veterinary is, today, the biggest American distributor in this sector and belongs to the Patterson Co. Group, renowned as a key player on the global dental market.

The NewTom 5G is used by prestigious veterinary clinics throughout the US. A clinic that uses a CBCT device is now considered to be highly advanced and will enjoy the following key advantages:

more information is attainable with a single examination, providing faster, more comprehensive diagnosis;

X-ray exposure is reduced, a typical feature of CBCT technology when compared to CAT and MRI scans;

examinations can be completed more quickly, thus shortening the required animal sedation period, speeding up procedures within the clinic and increasing the number of examinations performed;

less installation space is required and investment is considerably lower than that needed for a CAT system.

Lastly, the NewTom 5G is controlled via user-friendly NNT software, recently optimised for this specific field of use.

Aware that this is just the beginning, NewTom has opened up information exchange channels with key representatives in the sector to ensure customers can count on an ever-more competitive product.

NewTom 5G: entering the veterinary sector

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