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African hospitals introduced Meling Biology& Medical Ultra low temperature freezer

African hospitals introduced Meling Biology& Medical Ultra low temperature freezer

A hospital in northwestern South Africa introduced 19 sets of -40℃ Ultra low temperature freezer-DW-FL528 from Meling Biology & Medical for the pre-vaccination storage of Pfizer vaccines. Due to the optimization of Pfizer vaccines, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February 2021 On the 25th, the storage requirements for Pfizer vaccines have been relaxed, allowing Pfizer vaccines to be stored in medicinal refrigerators. DW-FL528 has 11 alarm functions, High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature, Power failure, Low battery, Sensor failure, Condenser overheating alarm, Door ajar, System failure, Main board communication error, Built-in datalogger USB failure, let Vaccine storage is safer.

Meling Biology & Medical -40℃ Ultra low temperature freezer series adopts internationally renowned brand EBM compressor, 130mm ultra-thick insulation layer, digital temperature display can simultaneously display various parameters such as cabinet internal temperature, power supply voltage, ambient temperature, etc., clearly display the operating status, Using high-precision microcomputer temperature control system and platinum resistance temperature sensor, users can set the temperature in the cabinet within the range of -20℃ to -40℃, adopt double-layer thermal insulation foam door with airbag type outer sealing and outer door with multiple patents The thermal insulation design of the system can effectively prevent the loss of cooling capacity, improve thermal insulation performance to a large extent, and facilitate vaccine storage.

Meling Biology & Medical always pays attention to the global vaccination work, helps the safe storage of vaccines, and cares for people's health.


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