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Independence and conquering falls with IndeeLift Human Floor Lifts (HFL's)

Professional Quality in the Home with the HFL-300


Cleaning up following a delicious, home-cooked meal you begin to feel dizzy and suffer a fall in your family room. You are awakened in the middle of the night by your husband’s calls for help in the bathroom. You have limited mobility below the waist and rely on nearby furniture to help you get back on your feet. At the beginning of your morning shift, your patient suddenly loses their balance while stepping around an ottoman.

All of these instances require a swift response and personal assistance.

However, the assistive tools and techniques to help those who have fallen are limited.

Get Up Off The Floor Fast

The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL) gives caregivers, loved ones, and first responders the power to help people up from the floor fast. This straightforward lifting system can be operated either independently by the fallen person or with the assistance of a caregiver. The HFL's arm supports, and backing provides a stable base as they sit upright on the floor, are lifted off the floor and when they begin to exit the lift's seat. This supportive, chair-like design does not budge, bend, or wobble. The solid and sturdy HFL will be there when you need it.

Its upkeep is as straightforward as the HFL's design. The HFL's rechargeable battery can hold a charge for several months. Our testing has found that after a complete, overnight charge, the HFL's lithium-ion battery pack will retain 85% of its power over six months. Its ability to maintain such a high level of power over such a long period makes keeping up with this machine simple. The HFL can complete approximately ten lifts off of a full charge. Even when the HFL's battery has been overlooked for months, it is still ready to serve.

The IndeeLift Story

IndeeLift was founded in 2014 by Steve Powell to solve a problem. Both of his parents experienced regular falls. Every time either one of Powell's parents fell all they needed was the power to get back up on their feet. This basic assistance often would require a whole team of firefighters to break into their home to help or bother friends and family in the middle of the night.

After a few visits, the fire department would often recommend they move into a more assistive residence. However, like most everyone, they wished to remain independent in their home and community.

Powell searched for a better solution than the traditional pulley based contraptions. The conventional, pulley style patient lifts dangle the user as they are wrenched up from the floor. Placing the harness onto the fallen person and raising them can be a very traumatic experience. Powell was unable to locate a lifting system that met his parent's needs. With this first-hand experience and realizing there had to be many others out there who had this same need. Powell designed, manufactured, and tested the very first Human Floor Lift (HFL).

Overcome Fall Anxiety - Be Prepared

The HFL offers peace of mind and power. The HFL helps reduce fall-related fear anxiety and increase balance confidence. Fear of falling (FOF) creates a familiar psychological paradox. One recent study in Physical Therapy estimated that this fear of falling occurs in between 29% to 92%of older adults.

Fall Anxiety - Paradox

The rate of F.O.F. significantly increases in those older adults who have already experienced a fall. Paradoxically, a Fear of Falling will lead to an avoidance of daily activity and other healthy habits. This trend correlates with an overall functional decline, a decrease in social participation, an increased risk of falling, and a high rate of institutionalization. Any of F.O.F's outcomes will adversely impact one's physical and mental well being.

To escape this psychological paradox and age in place safely an effective fall response strategy is essential. Give you or your loved one the confidence to get back up after a fall fast. They will reduce their expenses in the process. They are avoiding costly extended caregiver coverage or routine EMS calls. While also keeping visits from their neighbors, friends, kids, or grandchildren strictly social.

Protect Your Back and Budget

After a fall, the fallen person and their caregiver face additional danger attempting an unassisted lift off the floor. Manual unassisted lifts from the ground can suddenly cause musculoskeletal injury. Especially if the individual repeatedly falls, requiring a caregiver to complete the taxing exercise over and over again. Safe patient handling is already essential in professional health care roles and should also be in your home.

In 2014 the CDC found rates of musculoskeletal injury are highest in healthcare related injuries. Across all industries, the national average of injury was 33 per 10,000 full-time workers. Hospital workers rate of musculoskeletal injury was double that national average (68 injuries per 10,000). Nursing home workers rate of injury was triple the national average (107 injuries per 10,000). Moreover, the rate for ambulance workers was five times the national average (174 per 10,000).


Professional Quality In The Home

Designed for use in the home the HFL-300 and HFL-400 are easy to maneuver and position. IndeeLift has also developed a clinical model for medical facilities and a heavy duty model for first responders. All of IndeeLift's systems utilize the same innovative technology and help solve the widespread problem.

Their professional models have been introduced into fire and EMS departments across the country. IndeeLift has also recognized with several industry awards:

Professionals who face the same fall response challenges day in and day out recognize the power and convenience of the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift.

Invest In Your Independence

The simple upkeep and sturdy design mean that the HFL will be there when you need it most — protecting you or your loved one for many years. Escape the anxiety and fear associated with falls. Eliminate the chance of suffering a musculoskeletal injury attempting a dangerous manual patient lift. Bring the same professional-grade durability and dependability into your home today. Invest in daily independence today with the IndeeLift HFL.

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