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Human Dolly for Lifting patients

This "human dolly" safely lifts patients and avoids injury for first responders

This is the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL). It’s essentially a “human dolly” that safety assists and lifts individuals or patients who have fallen on the floor and struggle to get up or are in need of medical assistance. The IndeeLift HFL is effective for residential and commercial use, professional healthcare, and emergency medical services personnel.

Dubbed the “People Picker Upper,” the IndeeLift can be either self or assist-operated. The IndeeLift replaces bulky sling-style lifts and enables patients to get to their feet in about a minute or transfer to a bed or wheelchair without needing a lift team. It also eliminates the risk of back injuries to care providers.

During emergencies, the IndeeLift is very accessible for patient lift and/or transport and allows EMTs to quickly accomplish their mission while also avoiding injury to both the patient and the responders. The EMS IndeeLift features all-terrain wheels and a seatbelt to safely secure the patient.


  • London, UK
  • Adam Danyal @Tech that Matters